Bilal Hasan Khan

Survey Expert

Bilal Hasan Khan - Survey Expert

Mr. Bilal Hassan Khan is one of the leading pollsters and social research methodologist in South Asia and has an expertise in survey research and quantitative social research methodology. Mr. Khan has more than 22 years of experience of using social research methodology and survey research in the areas of political and electoral strategy, political and public opinion mobilization, study of electoral behavior in Pakistan, studying social attitudes and behavior in South Asia, civic and voter education, policy analysis, evaluation research, business intelligence, and election monitoring and election fraud detection using parallel voting. He has been advisor to a major political party (PML) in Pakistan and has researched and written extensively on electoral behavior in Pakistan, funded by DFID, USAID, IRI, NDI, and Asia Foundation. Funded by Ford Foundation and executed by CSDS New Delhi, Mr. Khan has also been part of the first barometer survey in South Asia, where he helped South Asian countries in the design and methodology of the five countries survey. He has also to his credit, the designing of the largest parallel vote in the world to detect and monitor electoral fraud in Pakistan. Mr. Khan has been a part of elite government think tank in the Prime Minister’s Secretariat and has also applied his expertise in the realm of policy analysis and evaluation research with UNDP.

Mr. Bilal Hassan Khan has a Masters in Sociology with concentration in Social Research Methods from University of Oxford, UK and a BA in Political Science from University of Oklahoma, USA. During his undergraduate years, Mr. Khan has been a visiting student at University of California at Berkeley and Harvard University. He also attended semester long advance post graduate courses in Quantitative Methodology at Brown University and Harvard University (taught by world leading methodologist Gary King).
Furthermore, he also attended Oxford spring school in advance methods where he obtained a certificate in causal inference. In his free time, Mr. Khan loves to watch movies, travel, and of course read and innovate more about survey research techniques.