Nyra Mahmood


Nyra Mahmood - Advisor

Nyra is the Managing Director of Simply Sharia Human Capital (SSHC), a global platform cultivating talent, knowledge and innovation across Islamic economic sectors including Islamic finance.
In her time at SSHC she has steered commercial awareness including new business development, generating long-term training partnerships and relationships with global organizations, establishing a digital presence for Simply Sharia HC, while taking a pro-active role with the UK and international Islamic finance space. She has also been a leading voice in talent development and how best to create opportunities and engage Millennials and nurture female talent, especially across OIC countries. A passionate proponent of diversity in the workplace, she initiated the first ever though-leadership report on the role of women in Islamic finance and the wider Islamic economy in 2016. Nyra maintained a successful career as a journalist in London and Los Angeles, is the co-founder of Eudaimonia Communications, a marketing and communications firm and works closely with mentoring young entrepreneurs. She has completed the globally-recognized benchmark Islamic Finance Qualification (IFQ) and holds a BA Hons in Politics and Government & Political History.