We are geared towards helping vulnerable populations, especially women, young and transgender persons people to utilize their skills and talents to become financially independent. Through our intellect and expertise in this field, we devise strategies, initiatives and programs to help people in general and vulnerable socio-economic groups in particular, to unlock their true potential and provide sustainable pathways to assist in the long-term endeavor for their mainstreaming.


Shanakht (meaning identity in Urdu) is an innovative initiative designed to address multifaceted challenges faced by transgender persons in their daily lives – social exclusion, stereotyping, persecution, lack of respectable career fields, economic opportunities and recourse to legal action. Shanakht is aimed at uplifting their situation through skills-based trainings, a chance to earn a respectable living and lead financially viable lives.


Epiphany’s women empowerment initiative is about introducing women who are perhaps not famous nationally or internationally, but who have established themselves, are worthy role models and have stories as captivating as anyone’s. They are researchers and writers, teachers and artists, novelists and sportswomen, journalists and technologists, entrepreneurs and freelancers. They have found it in themselves to smash the glass ceiling, are carving new frontiers for themselves and can motivate others to harness their inner potential.

Financial Inclusion

We believe financial inclusion is a vital solution for poverty alleviation. Through our research-based approach, we are designing interventions to enhance financial inclusion in Pakistan, including financial and digital literacy programs. With our vast knowledge base, diverse skills and sound partnerships, we help deliver financial services and products at affordable costs to under-privileged communities in the country.

Dialogue & Advocacy

We recognize the value of having candid discussions in safe, conducive and mutually respectful environments. Therefore, we have created Epiphany as a platform to curate conversations ranging from the arts, humanities and social sciences to entrepreneurship, leadership and conflict resolution. In us, you have a partner with the capacity to reach out and organize discussion forums, lectures and dialogues on burning issues of the time.