Little Epiphanies



The startups we work with are like us—they challenge the status quo, dream of a better present and roll up their sleeves to get the job done.


ConnectHear bridges the communication gap between the deaf and mute community and the society through in-person and video call sign language interpretation, and an audio to sign language app.

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Farry’s Baby Spa

For the first time in Pakistan, Farry’s Baby Spa and Wllness is providing a calming haven for newly born babies, infants and toddlers through float and massage therapy.

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ShahRuh is developing a comprehensive event portal empowering event organizers and struggling businesses by providing them PR, revenue generation and networking services.

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ZikiHub aims to create comfortable, affordable, humane learning environments for high-quality online courses through the provision of physical hubs and local subject matter experts who guide, support, and motivate learners to complete courses.

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RangDe is an online market place where the objective is to promote/ sell products made by artisans, craftsmen and people on ground (cottage industry) who have talent and products but do not have the knowledge, plateform/ acess to the market.

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Goal school system

Goal School system is establishing a school which will help kids learn 21st century skills and improve grades, identify strengths, weaknesses and students’ interests through advanced artificial intelligence based examination system.

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